Wednesday Buzz: A Unique Way to Support Soldiers

Many organizations hold events and fundraisers to support the troops, but The Home Front Cares has a new way to help by giving civilians a taste of military life. Plus: What declining math scores in the U.S. may mean for the future.

With Veterans Day quickly approaching, your association may be planning to raise money or advance workplace initiatives to support the men and women who have served in the military. But the Colorado nonprofit The Home Front Cares (THFC) is putting a spin on traditional support: The organization will be selling ready-to-eat meals, commonly known as MREs in military terms, for an “MRE Lunch Day” November 10.

Proceeds will provide support for veterans and military families. THFC also hopes the sale will give people a better understanding of military life.

“Anyone can put a bumper sticker on their car, but it takes a real American to put an MRE in your mouth,” THFC’s website states.

April Speake, THFC’s executive director, says the sale is also a way to show unity between the civilians and military families in Colorado Springs.

“We wanted to do something for Veterans Day that would let our community show solidarity and support with our veterans,” Speake said in a statement.

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