Associations Collaborate To Cast More Fruits and Veggies in TV and Movies

The groups will work together to place produce in TV shows, movies, and online content to help promote the importance of choosing fruits and vegetables as part of a daily diet.

Two associations are partnering to help spread the message via the media that fruits and vegetables are good for you.

Last week, the Produce Marketing Association and the Entertainment Resource and Marketing Association (ERMA) announced a strategic alliance to promote fresh produce through entertainment channels, including TV shows, movies, and online outlets.

“Movies, shows, and celebrities influence what consumers purchase and how they behave, so getting more fresh fruits and vegetables on-screen and in the hands of actors can help make produce cool to consumers,” Jin Ju Wilder, PMA board director, said in a statement.

ERMA, whose members engage in product placement, will help lobby for the use of fresh produce in various productions, whether that might be having fruit on a kitchen counter or a scene that takes place in a produce department.

“When popular characters choose produce from the store, the fridge, or the restaurant menu as part of their everyday interactions, viewers will identify with that as the right way to eat,” ERMA President Michael Schrager said.

Both groups especially hope to reach young audiences. “By identifying shows with school-age characters, we hope we can help move today’s youth to a healthier lifestyle and lessen the incidence of problems such as child obesity.”

This isn’t the first time PMA has teamed up with another organization to promote healthy eating among kids. In 2013, the group formed the Eat Brighter! campaign along with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and characters from Sesame Street. The campaign included a Funny or Die video featuring Big Bird and First Lady Michelle Obama highlighting the importance of fruits and vegetables earlier this year.

“We know that kids are very much influenced by the brands they see in movies, on TV, and in the hands of celebrities,” Lawrence A. Soler, PHA CEO, said.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to clarify that Lawrence A. Soler is CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America. 


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