Music Groups Hope To Broaden Electronic Music’s Waves

Two music groups are hoping to advance the reach and revenue of electronic music with a new joint venture.

Not too long ago electronic music got its own voice in the music industry with the formation of the Association for Electronic Music.

And now the genre is getting even more support via a new partnership between AFEM and the Music Business Association (Music Biz). The two groups announced last week that they will be partnering to launch an Electronic Music Workgroup—a place where those involved in the world of electronic music can strategize about maximizing electronic music revenue. The group will also work to better integrate commerce for DJs, producers, and right-holders for remixes, mashups, DJ mixes, and original tracks.

“Our Electronic Music Workgroup will ensure that major issues facing the genre are addressed and dealt with by those who know the most about it, allowing all artists and companies in the space, not to mention the music business as a whole, to benefit,” Robby Towns, director of digital strategy and community at Music Biz, said in a statement. “Music Biz believes that the future of electronic music is bright, and we’re looking forward to working with AFEM and our community to strengthen this promising genre.”

The joint venture makes good on one of AFEM’s main goals at the time it launched two years ago.

“It’s most important for us to be embracing rather than excluding, to be collaborating rather than competing. It’s important to invite participation rather than stand in judgment,” AFEM founder Kurosh Nasseri told Billboard at the time. “What we’re announcing is not meant to compete with or displace any other organizations but interface with them in a collaborative manner.”

Several months after AFEM launched, Music Biz itself underwent a bit of a transformation with a rebrand and a name change. Formerly the National Association of Recording Merchandisers, the association’s overhaul was intended to better represent the needs of an industry that was looking far different from the one the group was founded to serve back in 1958—that included a growing pool of industry players who play an active role in the commerce side of the business.


Katie Bascuas

By Katie Bascuas

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