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Talking Tech: Leverage Your Learning

Online learning can encompass much more than certifications. Barry Kelly, CEO of Thought Industries, explains some of the added services associations can offer through an online learning platform.

What are some ways associations can use online learning outside of certifications?

While certifications are essential components of an online learning program, associations can also consider a more comprehensive and strategic learning approach in order to drive conversion, bolster engagement and renewals, and increase member lifetime value. Think of learning experiences as engaging content. You can offer webinars, short-form courses, or presentations, as well as tips and guides on areas like new research, strategy, or technology updates. For audience development and conversion, add email capture or membership paywalls or cascade campaigns with learning content.

How can associations bundle related services or products into online learning?

Bundling online and offline training or learning is the most obvious (for example, an annual conference attendance fee plus supplemental online courses). Two other tactics include bundling additional products like books or reports and adding instructor or one-on-one coach access—both are effective in increasing the revenue per order.

How can associations use online learning to better engage members?

Explore less formal online learning or informational delivery strategies. For example, drip-education campaigns, industry expert webinars, Q&A sessions within forums, and how-tos make up some very useful resources for your audience and provide a great way to enable quality engagement.

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