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Best Benefit Ever: Market Research for Veterinarians

Dealing with sick animals is hard enough, so this association makes the business side of veterinary work easier with its market-research statistics.

What is it? Professional development resources are among the most valuable benefits associations offer, but those resources can go beyond training workers to be more proficient in the workplace. The American Veterinary Medical Association offers an array of resources to help members make informed decisions, even when they’re not tending to their patients. To help members identify opportunities to establish a new practice, for example, the AVMA has detailed statistics on pet-ownership demographics. To get a broad view of the state of the veterinary industry, members can also access AVMA’s annual economic reports and can use the salary calculator tool to see whether they’re getting the compensation they’re due.

Why it works: Information is power, whether it’s used to help vets leverage salary negotiations, learn the latest businesses trends influencing their trade, or, in the case of other AVMA market-research offerings, help members with their first steps into professional veterinary practice. Along with statistics relevant for new vets, the AVMA offers plenty of resources to ensure that veterinarians just starting their careers maintain the footing needed to continue their professional ascent and keep their membership renewed as they take advantage of more and more benefits.

Other benefits: Need help transitioning to a new veterinary job? AVMA has you covered. Interested in becoming a first responder for at-risk animals? Then you could join AVMA’s Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams. If you’re just looking for the latest veterinary news and research, the AVMA has two publications for members: the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Journal of Veterinary Research.


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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