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Best Benefit Ever: Refurbishing Travel Agency Benefits for 2016

The Cruise Lines International Association revamped some of its benefits after collecting member feedback.

What is it? Cruise Lines International Association recently asked its members in the travel agency world for feedback about their current benefits, as well as what benefits they’d like to receive in the future. Now, CLIA has revealed the results of that feedback, and the biggest change circles around a revamped membership card. Starting this year, members can replace their CLIA Cruise Industry Travel Agent ID with the EMBARC ID. With the new card, members get priority access to CLIA events, personal discounts, and plenty of other privileges (19 pages worth, to be exact [PDF]). Additionally, members are now eligible for up to $2,000 in Agent Application Vouchers, which are a combination of credits, upgrades, and benefits being offered by cruise lines and other travel partners.

Why it works: CLIA’s new benefits are aimed squarely at addressing subjects that arose from member feedback; the EMBARC ID provides members with a new way to benefit from their membership and assert their presence within the cruise industry. And if its enrollment numbers are any indication, CLIA has a good track record of providing what members want. In North America last year, 18,000 individual members signed up, and 9,000 travel agencies enrolled, exceeding CLIA’s goals.

Other benefits: Whether they’re registered as individual members or as part of a CLIA Agency Membership, travel agents njoy perks like a free listing in CLIA’s consumer directory and access to the Career Seascape professional development and training portal.

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Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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