Friday Buzz: What’s Separating Your Association From Younger Members?

One association marketing expert suggests that a value gap might be at play when it comes to getting younger members to join. Also: You gotta see what this snow sports association is doing at Fenway Park.

When it comes to attracting younger members to an organization, is the issue a question of value?

That is, when people start their careers, the value of joining an association isn’t necessarily apparent—they may not be aware of related associations, think associations are for older professionals, or simply don’t see the value in membership.

Smooth the Path‘s Amanda Kaiser suggests that this gap in understanding an association’s value often leads people to wait to join until later in their careers. To help push things along, Kaiser recommends building innovations that create value for potential members.

“When we launch these new innovations we improve that value equation,” she explains. “If our innovations are indeed the solutions young members need to solve their problems, word will travel. We can also use our insight into our members’ problems to link their problem to our solution in our member messaging.”

If you do things right and build things that create value, you might be able to close the gap with younger members, she suggests.

Cool Event of the Day

If you’re into snow-based sports, you need to know a thing or two about Big Air at Fenway. The sporting event is something of an anomaly for Boston’s historic ballpark. After all, the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Association managed to get a 140-foot-high ski jump into the middle of the field.

Lyon Farrell, a 17-year-old contestant in this week’s event, called the venue one of the most interesting he’s ever performed in.

“It’s crazy,” Farrell told the Boston Herald. “You’re doing a trick, and while you’re spinning or going upside-down, you’re seeing the stadium. And you never get that in snowboarding. It’s the craziest venue I’ve ever been snowboarding in.”

Interested in watching? There’s more info about the event over this way.

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