International Chemical Distribution Group Gets New Life

Two chemical distribution associations joined forces to recharge the international group in order to bring together industry representatives worldwide.

Through joint efforts, the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) and U.S.-based National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) have revived the international organization representing their industry’s interests.

The new International Chemical Trade Association (ICTA) effectively replaced the dormant International Council of Chemical Trade Associations as of February 1.

“In many ways, it’s a new opportunity to firmly understand that there’s a global presence out there in the distributor marketplace that is interested in promoting best practices, promoting opportunities for different industries to connect, different countries that may not have chemical safety and security programs in place that are new to the marketplace to partner with established countries,” NACD President Eric Byer said.

The international organization is an important player in the industry as it allows members to network and share best practices, new programs, and environmental and health safety measures, he continued.

“For us, we want to know what our partners abroad are doing whether it’s in South America, whether it’s in Asia. So, if a company has a new environmental program, and they have something useful to our members or the association overall, this is the place they could post that information and get it out,” Byer said. “So for us I think the idea of it being a clearinghouse, sharing information that can then be sent out to all the members, is where its most value is.”

While ICTA is basically a reincarnation of the old organization, it will have a larger presence. Even though ICTA includes many of the same member countries and trade associations, it will also incorporate private companies into its membership. This will allow the organization to better reach out to new and emerging markets worldwide.

This organization will serve as a global, unified industry voice and will make it easier to coordinate our efforts on a global scale.

Like its predecessor, ICTA will host events—starting with ones at NACD and FECC meetings—but it will also have a dynamic website where members can interact in a social-media-type setting.

After management changes at both the American and European groups and a lack of activity on the international front, the new leaders decided to re-energize the international organization, saying, “’We need one location globally where people can learn about environmental and safety practices, that kind of thing, for the chemical distribution side,’” Byer said.

A team from ICTA is currently reaching out to potential new members and gathering information on programs, best practices, and safety measures from current members to share on its website. Industry representatives in China, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada have already been invited to join.

“This organization will serve as a global, unified industry voice and will make it easier to coordinate our efforts on a global scale,” Byer said in a statement. “NACD members are increasingly buying and selling overseas, and the new ICTA will enable us to work better with our global partners to make the business of chemistry that much easier for U.S.-based distributors.”


Alex Beall

By Alex Beall

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