Friday Buzz: The History of Computer Viruses

The Internet Archive launches a new museum for classic viruses—minus the damage to your computer, of course. Also: The American Chemical Society explains how you can make the best nacho cheese ahead of the Super Bowl.

In the pages of Associations Now, we tend not to tell you how to get a computer virus. But today, we’re going to tell you how to get thousands—none of which will do you any harm.

This week, the Internet Archive launched a Malware Museum, put together by the nonprofit’s Jason Scott and F-Secure virus researcher Mikko Hypponen, which highlights viruses as a form of art.


“Through the use of emulations, and additionally removing any destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows you to experience virus infection of decades ago with safety,” the website states.

So, now you can appreciate these viruses merely from a creative point of view, rather than worrying about whether your 386 will survive.

Nacho Usual Cheese

The American Chemical Society’s excellent Reactions YouTube video series does much to highlight the role of chemistry in everyday life. And sometimes that chemistry comes in handy in surprising ways—say, before the Super Bowl, when you want to have some melted cheese ready to go.

A recent episode of Reactions tells you how to create melted cheese that has the texture of Velveeta but the flavor of actual cheese. (Secret ingredient: sodium citrate.) And after the host gives you the recipe, he explains the science behind the oooey-gooey. Awesome.

Other Links of Note

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Your online press room needs to be well-stocked. Don’t make those journalists scrounge around too much! Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog details a list of must-haves.

Messy desk? This LifeHacker video will help you get things organized.

The Hymn virus. (Internet Archive)

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