Leader to Leader: Board Inspirations

Leader to Leader: Board Inspirations

Who or what originally inspired you to serve on the board you're currently leading?


Leah Kinnaird

President, Florida Nurses Association, Orlando, Florida

My inspiration to become a board member is rooted in a deep desire to be part of positive change. I’m a registered nurse, and early in my career I learned the value of collaborating with other nurses to advocate for patients. Board membership amplifies my voice in healthcare because a team of board members makes decisions and intervenes where an individual could not. I continually learn through dialogue with others who have mutual goals.


Jeffrey Williams

President, National Ground Water Association, Westerville, Ohio

I was inspired by my father at a young age to be a volunteer. As for the board I am on now? Three gentlemen on a boat in Albany, New York, on the Hudson—three 2007 NGWA board members—impressed me so much, I was on the hook. I could only hope that by serving with people of this caliber at that level I could have a substantial, positive impact on our industry and myself personally. I know I am a better person and much more professional because of it.


Janet Gilsdorf, MD, FPIDS

President, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, Arlington, Virginia

What could be more satisfying than leading an organization committed to freedom from infections for all children? The answer is simple: nothing. The society consists of more than 1,000 pediatricians trained in the diagnosis, management, and prevention of childhood infections. We accomplish our important work through the delivery of excellent clinical care, research, advocacy, and education. In short, the society’s vision was my inspiration, fueled by the children who, through our actions, are restored to the fun-loving, curious, energetic, and healthy little people they are meant to be.


Mike Scholla

Chair, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Arlington, Virginia

I was inspired to join the AAMI Board because of the organization’s tremendous work in international standards. AAMI’s key role in the harmonization of international medical device standards benefits everyone. In serving on the board, I have learned a lot more about the organization’s other key roles, and I continue to be inspired, which makes me a committed leader. I refer to this as the “leadership life cycle.” As a committed leader, I am dedicated to the organization’s success, and the organization’s success fuels my decision to continue to serve in leadership roles.

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