Thursday Buzz: Rethink Your Event Setting

Ideas on how to challenge the expectations and ideas of the traditional event setting. Plus: What do #FacebookReactions mean for your organization?

Ever have a crazy idea for a dream event? It’s time to take it seriously.

Meetings are such an integral part of our professional lives these days. And while it’s best to keep some events straight to the point with no frills, there are some that could use something new. That means it’s time for an event setting refresh.

Take the upcoming MTV Movie Awards, for example. The unconventional annual awards show (which once had an award for Best Sandwich in a Movie) is trying a new tactic for its 25 anniversary edition airing on April 9 and being hosted by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

How? MTV plans on shooting the show entirely outdoors on the Warner Bros. backlot, utilizing many stages and lots of space, instead of in the usual indoor auditorium.

“We’re just excited to go out onto the streets on a movie lot so that we can celebrate films in a different way,” the award show’s executive producer Casey Patterson told Variety. “We’re going right where movies are made, and we’re making this show right in the heart of that. We want to celebrate all the films of the year in a really theatrical way, and this space really allows us to do that.”

The goal to challenge the norm is greater than ever for event professionals today—even those who don’t do awards shows. There is a “growing shift in event professionals and attendees’ demands,” Event Manager Blog editor Julius Solaris wrote of the shift in event settings.

The website’s latest report “The Venue of the Future,” highlights these points.

“By offering a blend of facilities, flexibility, connectivity, and sustainability, the venue of the future delivers the perfect playground to mesmerize attendees,” Solaris wrote in the report’s introduction. “It defies tradition to let the creativity of event professionals run wild.”

Tweet of the Day

Emojis have taken over the Facebook like. Facebook users can now hover or click on the like button and see options to use a heart or emojis that indicate laughter, sadness, anger, and “wow.” What could this mean for associations, nonprofits, or advocacy organizations and their Facebook posts? The staff over at SparkInfluence offer their insights into the new Facebook reaction buttons.

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