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Wednesday Buzz: Avocado Group Targets Second Super Bowl Success

An avocado trade group is returning to the Super Bowl with its second ad and a bolder vision. Plus: the story behind Uber's big rebranding.

Last year the trade group Avocados From Mexico took a big, expensive risk and entered the competitive arena of Super Bowl advertising. Surrounded by flashy beer ads, big-budget movie trailers, and celebrity spokespeople, the group’s first ad proved successful.

And, according to an Adobe analysis of social media activity, the avocado-centric ad came in second in terms of online buzz. Not bad for an organization making its first foray into the big game!

Like many other advertisers, Avocados From Mexico has launched its newest ad before the Super Bowl, embracing a more ambitious concept and Scott Baio.

It took a bigger investment of time and money to create the sci-fi ad, according to Avocados From Mexico’s Director of Brand Marketing, Kevin Hamilton, but the organization was up to the challenge, especially given its year-one success.

“The Super Bowl really suits us,” he told Adweek. “We’ve always been a part of the Super Bowl, but now we’re just informing people on what they were already doing.”

The ad aims to kick off the group’s broader #AvosInSpace campaign, which you can check out via the hashtag or on its site.

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