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Friday Buzz: The Potential of a ‘Network of Teams’

Organizations are redesigning the way they work with impressive results. Plus: Unconventional ways to honor Employee Appreciation Day.

As we go deeper into 2016, many organizations are focusing on helping employees maximize their potential, and one trend stands above the rest. As part of a push for improved structural design, many organizations are adopting a new “network of teams” model, according to Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte and a Forbes contributor.

This new structure, identified in Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2016 report, separates employees into project-specific teams, which then report to “command centers” within the organization.

While only 14 percent of executives surveyed said they feel their companies are ready to leverage this new design, many said they are excited about the possibilities of this model.

“This new structure has sweeping implications, forcing programs such as leadership development, performance management, learning, and career progression to adapt,” the study states (PDF).

Implementing a network of teams is one of the many suggestions that address organizational design, which 92 percent of those surveyed reported as their top issue of 2016.¬†Others include culture, learning, and investment in leadership development, with more than half of executives saying their companies aren’t ready to meet their current membership needs.

For a deeper look at the report, check it out here.

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