Monday Buzz: #Museumweek Teaches Good Engagement Strategies

What your organization can learn about social media events from Twitter's annual culture celebration. Plus: People aren't volunteering as much as they used to.

Today marks the third annual #Museumweek, Twitter’s global event that unites 3,000-plus museums across 69 countries to celebrate culture. The social media giant is using its networks to bring citizens of the world new experiences, from the narrow halls of an Argentine art gallery to the Louvre’s majestic glass pyramid.

But the event can also be a rich learning experience for organizations struggling with their own online engagement or event promotion.

For example, while Twitter will be the main outlet for museums to share their collections with the world, Vine and Periscope will have unique #Museumweek channels as well.

Using multiple platforms can not only help broaden your audience base but also make your events more appealing by leveraging different content strategies.

Twitter has also created a calendar of hashtags associated with the event, focusing on topics such as unique architecture and secret galleries. Doing something similar at your next convention will allow attendees to pinpoint topics of interest and makes it easier to see how content is shared.

No matter what your plans for social media are, you’d do well to pay attention this week. After all, whether painting a picture or promoting an event, the best way to learn is from masters of the craft.

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