Wednesday Buzz: Content Marketing Advice From Google

A Google executive explains the best ways to use content marketing to engage members. Plus: Facebook becomes the newest company to dump BlackBerry.

While email blasts and traditional advertising still supplement audience engagement, they do not hold attention the way they once did. Potential members look for more than just an invitation: They want entertainment. As organizations begin to make this realization, the next step is determining how best to leverage content for your online presence.

Speaking at The Content Council’s Spring Conference, Seth Barron, the head of creative business partnerships for Google/YouTube ZOO, highlighted how best to engage readers in the world of digital marketing.

One of the greatest tools in a content marketer’s arsenal is telling a great story, Barron said, according to Chief Marketer. From structure to content, a compelling tale that is relevant to readers will connect on an emotional level.

“Ads are just well-told stories that drive action,” said Barron. “It’s a beautiful piece of content with a great media plan around it.”

For those who struggle with digging up a good story, Barron suggests looking at each pitch from your reader’s perspective and asking who the story will reach. Barron highlighted Under Armour’s Rule Yourself campaign as an example to follow: “Under Armour is reminding us of ourselves, and that’s what makes a great marketer.”

In the end, the most essential part of content marketing is to go beyond superficial engagement and make a personal connection with your audience, he said.

“I do think we have it wrong in the business. We want users to love our brand but we don’t ask how we’re loving them back,” Barron said. “This should be an exchange that goes both ways.”

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