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Best Benefit Ever: Giving Retired Members Their Due

The Society of Health and Physical Educators prioritizes activity, and the group has devised a way to ensure that members stay involved even after they've retired.

What is it? Given that the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) is the largest organization of its kind in the United States, it represents a broad range of members. There are new entrants to the field, established professionals, and retirees. Many benefits are focused on professional development, but what happens once a member has left the profession for good? With SHAPE America, those members are given the opportunity to remain engaged through its retiree network. Along with giving retirees the opportunity to continue communicating with members, to mentor up-and-coming professionals, and to participate in workshops and seminars, the organization tailors part of its convention to them. There, retired members can participate in a session dedicated to their interests, a business meeting focused on retiree activities and topics, and a reception, where they can meet other former phys-ed teachers.

Why it works: Your members don’t stop being interested in their field just because they’ve retired, and SHAPE America’s benefits reflect this lifelong enthusiasm. While appealing to retirees benefits SHAPE America in terms of additional dues revenue, the association makes sure it provides the means of allowing these members’ vast experience and insights to reach the entire community through channels like conference sessions and networking events.

Other benefits: And for practicing professionals, SHAPE America offers a number of benefits stretched across three tiers [PDF]. The perks include resources to obtain grant funding, a professional network, and assistance with gaining support from administrators and developing up-to-date lessons.


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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