Friday Buzz: How the Restaurant Industry Embraces Earth Day

The National Restaurant Association provides resources to help restaurants shrink their environmental footprints. Plus: In honor of Earth Day, how being earth-conscious can be good for business.

Individuals and industries around the globe will take time today to celebrate our home planet as the sun shines on another Earth Day.

And restaurants have a role to play, too. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) is once again lending a hand with a list of eco-friendly resources and “action tips” to help bustling eateries make their own contributions, according to a press release.

While last year’s solutions focused on recycling, this year’s suggested solutions address how to create a “start-up and shut-down schedule,” how to fix a leaky sink, and how to donate leftover food.

“The three solutions we’ve outlined for Earth Day really are simple ‘first steps’ that can help an operator to begin a longer sustainability journey,” said Laura Abshire, director of sustainability policy for the National Restaurant Association, in a press release.

For restaurants that need some extra guidance, NRA’s Conserve program has created a free start-up and shut-down schedule, which has already been successfully implemented by chains such as Shari’s Cafe & Pies.

Through a partnership with the nonprofit Food Donation Connection, the NRA is also offering to help restaurants donate leftover food to organizations that can make use of it.

“With millions of Americans receiving food assistance, donating food is a win-win by helping those in need and by helping the environment by diverting waste from landfills,” Abshire said.

For those interested in learning more, the association will also host sessions on sustainability solutions at the NRA Show, in Chicago, this May.

Tweet of the Day

Today, leaders from around the globe will gather at the United Nations to discuss climate change, and you can have a front-row seat. Tune into the UN live stream as countries unite to sign the historic Paris Agreement.

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A screenshot from a National Restaurant Association conservation video. (YouTube)

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