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How I Got Here: Michael Cummings

By / Apr 1, 2016
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The principal of Deco by Tate/Cummings is a marketing pro who’s been around the block. And it all started with a clever babysitting strategy.

Michael Cummings first discovered marketing in high school when he realized that being the only male babysitter in town was his unique selling point. And today, as the principal of Deco by Tate/Cummings, he helps associations stand out by creating design and copy for them. One life motto he’s always stood behind: “Don’t live in fear—you can do anything you set your mind to.” Here are some highlights from his career journey.

A Working History

1982–1985: Babysitter

1988–1994: Public relations manager at Barneys

1994–1996: Cofounder of the Internet Resource Alliance

2001–2006: Principal of Brand Touch

2006–2014: Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, at Kellen Company

2014–: Principal of Deco by Tate/Cummings

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