I can’t live without my… Outlook

By / Apr 1, 2016

This old standby helps keep you organized and running on time.

“I can’t live without my Outlook calendar. I know that probably sounds extremely basic, but it really is the one tool that I’ve consistently relied on every single day since the start of my professional career. (I have had my Outlook crash a few times and have been beside myself!)

“Like most people, I use it for scheduling meetings, but I also input every single deadline I have, as well as reminders. I also color-code the various types of things that I log into my calendar, such as meetings, FYIs, action items, etc. Because it is already a tool that I’m going to be using every day, I’m not adding an extra layer of tech to have to update.”

— Maddy Marchildon, Director of Association Management and Consulting Services, Redstone Agency, Inc., Toronto

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