Monday Buzz: Farmers Markets Move Indoors—Into Hotels

Growing demand for fresh produce gives hotels a fresh idea. Plus: how to make change work for you.

Warmer weather means the beginning of farmers market season, when weekends transition from lazy days in bed to early morning outings for fresh, local produce.

While many farmers are busy dusting off their tent covers and table signs for their outdoor debut, luxury hotels are bringing markets right into their establishments.

A trend of hotels hosting farmers markets has quickly swept through the hospitality industry, according to New York Times contributor Shivani Vora.

From Boston to Bangkok, hotels are jumping on the opportunity to provide guests with unique experiences as well as to strengthen their relationship with locals.

“We welcome the surrounding community but also want guests to be able to grab an apple or pear picked that morning on their way in or out,” Seamus Gallagher, director of sales and marketing for the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina, told Vora.

Many of the markets are open to the public, but certain hotels, such as the Rosewood CordeValle in San Martin, California, reserve theirs for guests only, Vora reports. This property charges its patrons a flat fee for as many small plates and beverages as they want.

Hotels are not the only industry to take advantage of the growing enthusiasm for healthy eating and farm-fresh, sustainable food.

Those who dread waking up early can have their carrots and eat them, too, thanks to’s Farmers Market, an online portal that connects farmers directly with customers.

While many still prefer the open-air market experience, one thing is for sure: Those excuses for unhealthy eating on the road are harder to swallow now.

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