Friday Buzz: Convincing Media to Cover Your Conference

Leveraging media outlets can be the best way to get the word out about your conference, and here's how to do it. Plus: the benefits of social recruiting.

Along with the summer comes the conference whirlwind. With so many organizations competing for attendees, getting the word out about your meeting is crucial. And it’s never too soon to get started—in fact, generating some media buzz during this year’s conference can help generate interest in next year’s.

In a post on Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog, media relations expert Peter Panepento has a few suggestions for how to entice news organizations to cover your event, including:

Link your conference to a larger trend in the community. “By taking this step—and then showing reporters how your event will help them write an interesting trend story—you have a better chance of getting them to pay attention,” Panepento writes.

Make your speakers available for interviews. “During my days as a local newspaper reporter, I always loved the opportunity … to interview a newsworthy speaker,” Panepento explains, “particularly if it was someone from out of town who might be able to provide some unique insights about something that was happening in the community I was covering or on a larger trend or topic.”

Helping reporters find good stories and connect with interesting sources helps build relationships with them, meaning “the reporter might be more likely to pick up the phone and call you in the future for comment on a story—and reply to your next pitch.”

Infographic of the Day


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