Midwest Association Group’s Rebrand: Call Us “Associations North”

The Midwest Society of Association Executives' recent name change, which evokes the three-state area that the association represents, is "succinct, clear and approachable," according to the group.

A regional society for the association sector believes it has found a way to explain its value proposition in just two words.

Associations North, the new name for the long-running Midwest Society of Association Executives, reflects an effort by the 1,200-member group (which focuses on executives in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota) to simplify its branding.

“The new name—Associations North—is succinct, clear and approachable,” Associations North 2016-17 Chair Ann Kvaal said in comments picked up by Prairie Business. “It allows us to simplify how we talk about this great organization and conveys our essential value of ‘advancement’ to the wider association community.”

The name change was announced May 18 at the group’s annual meeting, which took place in Minneapolis.

The approach, launched in honor of the association’s 60th anniversary, also comes with a fresh new logo.

“While the fun, focused and upbeat attitude of our organization remains unchanged, our refreshed brand better reflects our dedication and commitment in moving professionals forward,” the group explained on its Facebook page.

In comments about the name shift, Associations North President Kathy Johnson characterized the change as one designed to inspire its members to try out a new approach.

“This rebrand and the process our board of directors and taskforce volunteers took to get here serve as a flagship for associations throughout the Midwest who find themselves in a similar position; this is all about the future and advancing our profession,” Johnson said, according to Prairie Business.

(via Associations North's Facebook Page)

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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