Monday Buzz: Member Benefit Must-Haves

Don't miss these essentials when designing your membership program. Plus: A buzzworthy rapper creates a fan event that's worth taking pointers from.

Designing the perfect membership program is a unique process for every association. While each organization develops benefits that meet its members’ specific needs and help it achieve its specific goals, there are some important features that every organization should adopt, says Julie Bernhard, executive editor for Multiview’s news briefs.

A key point: Associations should offer benefits that evolve with the industry and the professionals they are trying to attract.

“A benefit menu static in nature might get a few to hop on board out of loyalty, but it won’t do much to increase your base,” writes Bernhard. “In order for your group to grow, you need to make sure they are growing as professionals in return.”

She outlines three benefits that serve this purpose, including access to exclusive resources and educational opportunities. “From ground-breaking discoveries to the latest studies, you need to offer a one-stop shop, accessible exclusively by members only,” advises Bernhard.

No matter what benefits your association adds this year, be sure to design with the present and future community in mind.

Cool Event of the Day

Chicago’s Chance the Rapper knows how to put on a creative event. With just a few days’ notice, the buzzworthy hip-hop star—who just became the first musician ever to make it on to the Billboard 200 chart with a streaming-only release (landing in the No. 8 spot)—persuaded hundreds of fans to pay $40 each to check out an event at a warehouse to promote his new album, Coloring Book. Yes, coloring was involved—but so were a choir, music video sets, ring pops, and crafting. Not your standard album-release party by any means.

It’s a great example of the benefit of taking chances in event planning—as well as the element of surprise.

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