Thursday Buzz: Google’s Game-Changing Instant Apps

Soon, people will no longer have to download apps for single-use services through Android. Plus: How a sports team won over a brand-new celebrity fan.

Ever get annoyed downloading an application that won’t be used more than once—say, during an event?

To address your frustration, Google has come up with Instant Apps for its Android platform.

Think streaming apps. Making the mobile experience stronger, Instant Apps will let users experience the essential pieces of an app needed at a specific moment. Nothing has to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Users can click on a link or even load an app through a QR code or near-field communication treatment, and Google Play will download whatever the user needs at that moment for a streamlined experience.

“We asked ourselves: How do we make it possible for people to access a wider range of apps, seamlessly? How do we help developers reach more people?” Suresh Ganapathy, product manager for Android, wrote in a blog post.

Instant Apps are handy for single-purpose actions in apps. Google used a mobile parking app as an example. BuzzFeed, B&H Photo, Medium, and Disney are among the first partners in the program.

This could be great for for organizations willing to experiment technologically, helping them schedule events, share notes, make mobile payments, and so much more. Plus, it lessens the stress of trying to get new app users and encourages people to immediately use the app’s services, which is ultimately what many associations are striving to do.

Tweet of the Day

Retta, the mononymous actress behind the “Treat Yo’self” meme from NBC’s Parks and Recreation, recently became a hockey fan. And it’s all because of social media, the work of the LA Kings organization, the great excitement of a new game, and the energy of an event. Head over to the Lenny blog to read Retta’s lively recap of how she became a fan.

Other Links of Note

Strengthen your internet analytics. There are ways to get beyond generic, vague metrics by using strong inputs for Google Analytics. Check out Joanna Pineda’s tips at Matrix Group’s blog.

Alert: Check your LinkedIn security. Newly released data shows that 100 million users may have had their passwords hacked back in 2012. The social network is asking its online members to refresh their password security.

Don’t fear rejection. Work, projects, or ideas are often be held back because leaders are afraid of member rejection. But confidence and community management can help combat that fear, FeverBee’s Richard Millington says.

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