Tuesday Buzz: Building Your Dream Event Team

Learn how to hire a top-notch team to pull off memorable events. Plus: Giving up on your big idea isn’t the end of the world.

Associations reach for the stars in planning events, and they need to do the same when building the teams behind them.

The good news, according to meetings professional Tahira Endean, is that technology has completely streamlined the essential steps to create and train a superior event-planning team.

“Technology can have an impact, from recruitment right through to building your dream event team,” Endean wrote on the Event Manager Blog. “It can help you make the right staffing choices, train them effectively, and encourage retention and efficiency.”

First off is recruiting qualified people for your team. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Lever are common tools in the event industry. Endean emphasizes that “who you know” is still a powerful factor, as endorsements of professionals by others in their social networks often sway employers.

Once you’ve assembled your team members, you need to train them. An in-person job-requirement review, peer support, and mobile learning are all elements of successful training.

To retain your top-notch team, Endean suggests setting up a digital rewards or recognition system. “Organizational research shows that when employees receive recognition and feedback they are 99 percent more likely to be engaged at work, more productive, and more satisfied with their jobs,” she writes.

For future events, your team may have big goals and even bigger ideas. Endean suggests using project management tools or private groups on social networks that allow team members to share ideas without cluttering their inboxes.

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