Wednesday Buzz: Learn From Star Wars’ Success

Featuring two impressive role models, much to learn from this franchise, there is. Plus: Leaders don't need mind control to motivate their teams.

Not so long ago, in our very own galaxy, George Lucas and his team created what would grow to become one of the most beloved movie franchises in history.

Today, May the 4th, fans take part in Star Wars Day. While sci-fi enthusiasts celebrate with viewing parties and punny greetings (“May the fourth be with you”), associations should take a moment to examine the important lessons the films’ characters offer.

Executives may be skeptical about taking leadership advice from a puppet, but the Jedi master and green hermit Yoda’s astute and philosophical attitude is a powerful role model for growing organizations.

“He would have made a great investor,” Joe Pasqualichio, a veteran media and entertainment analyst, told Citadel.com. “He’s wise, patient, has an extremely long-term outlook—I think he’d be able to find significant alpha!”

Yoda may be an obvious choice, but the spiritual guru is not the only character associations can learn from. While his illicit smuggling business is less than ideal, Harrison Ford’s cheeky but lovable Han Solo brings essential attributes that every young association needs.

Equipped with a fearless sense of adventure and an ability to adapt fluidly to situations, the Millennium Falcon captain displays an attitude that’s perfect for associations looking to make a name for themselves in the expansive digital universe.

Just like the force, your association must find a balance, and this means learning from both the dark side and the light.

When it comes to the power of ambition, few come close to the fearsome Galactic Empire. With strong leaders; an efficient, well-run staff; and a smart use of resources, this organization was able to create stunning (albeit destructive) innovations within its industry.

Just remember, when it comes to running a successful organization, heed Yoda’s advice: “Do or do not; there is no try.”

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