Wednesday Buzz: Slack’s New Login Tool

A new update to the chat platform takes cues from Facebook and Google to make logins to office apps a little easier. Plus: Amazon launches a new video platform for professionals.

Instant messaging has taken over the workplace, making it faster and easier than ever to communicate with coworkers, managers, and clients.

Slack has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the leading chat applications, and with its introduction of Sign in with Slack on Tuesday, it hopes to expand beyond the realm of communication.

Sign in with Slack allows users to sign up for and log in to other office applications through their Slack login, according to a post on Medium .

With this feature, coworkers will be able to connect with one another instantly across apps, allowing for fast file sharing and streamlined communications.

This concept is not new, with Facebook and Google having already done this for many apps, but Slack’s growing reputation as a powerful business communication tool makes this development especially interesting.

By saving users the headache of juggling passwords and signing in and out of applications, Sign in with Slack may be the update the chat app needs to become king of the hill.

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