Career Coach: Perfect the Interview

Tips for acing your next job interview.

You’re highly qualified for the position you’re interviewing for, but so are other candidates. How can you stand out? Here are some tips for successful interviews that go beyond having a firm handshake and good eye contact:

Speak directly to the requirements of the job. It is easy to ramble when you get into an interview, especially if you’re nervous. Your preparation needs to include thoroughly analyzing the job posting and thinking through how you will talk about your experience as it relates to the requirements. Doing so makes a strong case for getting hired.

Be ready to share specific examples of your skills in action. You should be ready to back up any claims you make about your skills with specifics. Simply stating that you have great management skills does not prove anything. Before the interview, think about specific times when you used your management skills to turn around or head off a potentially negative situation.

Think of behavioral questions that you will probably be asked. These types of questions usually start with “Tell me about a time when …” or “What would you do if …?” Again, you need to analyze the job posting to get some clues as to what types of behavioral questions you might be asked.

Prepare questions for the interviewer. No doubt the interviewer will ask you, “Do you have any questions for me?” The quality of the questions you ask speaks volumes about your preparedness as well as your interest in the job. Here are some examples: What is your top priority for the person who will fill this position? What are the ingredients that would determine the success of the person you hire?

Cheryl Palmer

By Cheryl Palmer

Cheryl Palmer is a professional resume writer and the founder of Call to Career. MORE

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