Editor’s Note: Need-to-Know Tech

Even if you're not an old pro with technology, you have to have some sort of comfort level with the hardware and software you use on a daily basis.

I recently learned my way around ASAE’s new content management system. It’s a pretty sophisticated tool, and I am by no means a pretty sophisticated user—of any technology, let alone this one. But I am a member of the workforce in the year 2016, and, whether I like it or not, a certain fluency with technology is a job requirement. The tools I need to know at a decent functional level (CMSes, social media platforms, budgeting and work-planning software) may differ from the ones you use. But regardless of our job roles, tech competency at work is no longer optional—including for those of us who began our careers before email was a thing.

While tech is a critical association management issue—consider, for example, Mark Athitakis’ story on the scary prospect of a cyberattack on your association—two features in this year’s Technology Issue explore the subject from the individual user’s perspective:

What are the technology skill sets that association professionals most need today? Alex Beall highlights three to focus on.

What easy-to-use tech tools can fuel your productivity? Katie Bascuas gathered up some favorites that your colleagues recommend.

And in a wonderful editorial coincidence, we’re delighted to introduce you to the keynoters who will kick off the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition this summer, two men who have participated in perhaps the biggest technological marvel ever achieved by humanity: space flight. Twin astronaut brothers Mark and Scott Kelly have spent a combined 576 days in space, and in an interview with Karla Taylor, Mark reflects on those adventures and what they mean for us here on Earth.

What does space travel have to do with association management? Click this link—and make a voyage to Salt Lake City in August—to find out.


Julie Shoop

By Julie Shoop

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