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There’s a lot of money to be made in software development, says ACT: The App Association. Despite this—and despite the large number of openings—many students aren’t receiving the training that would allow them to take advantage of the opportunities.

When it comes to software development, the jobs are out there, but the positions aren’t so easy to fill.

That’s according to a new report by ACT: The App Association, which reports about the huge number of openings, as well as the major misconceptions about those openings—the biggest of which is where the jobs can be found.

Six-Figure Tech Salaries: Creating the Next Developer Workforce,” released this week, shows that 89 percent of software developers don’t work in Silicon Valley, because a number of major developer hubs are outside of the startup hotspot. In fact, says ACT, four-of-the-five-largest app developers aren’t even based in Silicon Valley. And 91 percent of current job openings aren’t based in the Silicon Valley region.

These positions, the study reports, command large salaries, averaging $104,425 nationwide. Despite that, thesejobs tend to stay open. What’s the problem?

“Companies across the United States are eager to hire qualified software developers, but the problem is finding them,” ACT VP for Public Affairs Jonathan Godfrey said in a news release. “These jobs command six-figure salaries, but hundreds of thousands of openings are unfilled across the country.”

According to the study, computer science is a limited focus for many schools, with just one-in-eight high schools nationwide offering an Advanced Placement computer science course. A map included with the study lays out those school districts individually.

“The best way to overcome the national developer shortage is to ensure our schools prepare students for these careers,” the study states. “Students who haven’t been challenged to write software in primary or secondary school simply don’t have the skills to pursue a computer science major in college.”

As Inc. notes, these issues with training have led some tech giants to offer training programs of their own.

Just last week, Apple announced an iPad app called Swift Playgrounds, meant to teach programming skills to young children. Apple Insider, in a review released Wednesday, called it a “killer app for teaching code.”

But apps can only go so far.

“The problem is that we just aren’t producing enough students with the necessary skills,” Godfrey says.

Check out the full study, complete with interactive maps, over this way.

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