IT Group: Pokémon Go Poses “Rogue” Risk to Company Networks

The International Association of IT Asset Managers says the buzzworthy augmented-reality game introduces too many security risks to be allowed on corporate- or employee-owned devices.

Is Pokémon Go too much of a risk to your organization’s network?

The International Association of IT Asset Managers thinks so. This week, IAITAM  called on IT departments around the country to ban the app from their corporate devices—those provided by employers as well as employee devices connected to enterprise networks as part of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy.

IAITAM CEO Barbara Rembiesa said the app poses security concerns, in part because it initially was allowed access to nearly every part of users’ Google accounts. (The issue, as Mashable reports, has since been corrected.)

Also problematic is the rise of Pokémon Go malware.

“Frankly, the truth is that Pokémon Go is a nightmare for companies that want to keep their email and cloud-based information secure,” Rembiesa said in a news release. “Even with the enormous popularity of this gaming app, there are just too many questions and too many risks involved for responsible corporations to allow the game to be used on corporate-owned or BYOD devices.”

IAITAM notes that Pokémon Go, no matter how fun it is, is not an approved app for corporate-owned devices. The association recommends that organizations use the Pokémon Go phenomenon as a teaching moment.

“Rather than simply banning Pokémon Go, corporations should also use this as a learning opportunity to encourage maximum employee understanding of the rationale against rogue downloads, particularly the security risks they represent,” IAITAM said in its release.

What do you think? Is a little risk worth the fun and potential promotional opportunities the game provides? Throw your thoughts in the comments.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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