Thursday Buzz: Grow Your Attendee List

If you want more attendees at your next event, it's important to lay the strategic groundwork. Also: a snazzy camera that could someday be a necessary design tool.

Your events are awesome, but wouldn’t they be significantly more awesome if you had more people?

If you want to grow your attendee list, you have to be thinking in terms of strategy, Amanda Simmons writes over at MemberSuite’s blog, The Modern Association.

Simmons offers a variety of tips to help drive foot traffic, including using social media, building word-of-mouth, and writing good marketing content.

But, she emphasizes, it’s equally important to take advantage of the momentum gained immediately after an event ends:

We know you want to take a short break before putting your event hat on again, but it’s important to follow up with attendees shortly after the event. This is a great way to receive crucial feedback that can benefit next year’s event. Additionally, if approached properly, members may be willing to give a testimonial that you can use for future marketing opportunities.

In other words, always be strategizing. Check out Simmons’ full post on MemberSuite.

Innovative Tool of the Day

If you’re a designer, you’ve inevitably run into the tool WhatTheFont, a MyFonts-operated service designed to make it easy to figure out where a font came from. It hasn’t seen a serious upgrade in years, but a similar tool invented by a British design student could make building the next issue of your magazine a little easier.

Spector, a tiny camera that helps log different colors and typefaces, integrates with InDesign so that you can apply these styles directly to your document.

Engadget notes the product is in prototype mode and currently recognizes only seven typefaces, but it’s not hard to imagine this technology significantly influencing the way we design things.

Other Links of Note

Speaking to your board soon? Make sure you don’t put them to sleep. Tecker International consultant Carolyn Lugbill, CAE, offers tactics on how to create a compelling board presentation.

Heads up, Verizon users. There’s good news and bad news for you: The company just increased its data prices but also boosted its data caps.

The future of storage. Samsung this week announced Universal Flash Storage, a new, significantly faster replacement for SD cards. But you’ll need new devices to take advantage of the new cards.

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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