Monday Buzz: Skipping the Conventions, but Still Busy

A number of major trade groups are passing on the national conventions—both Republican and Democratic. But they still have a lot going on. Also: Are you making these body-language mistakes?

The buzz around this year’s Republican National Convention has been weird, with Donald Trump’s influence in Cleveland putting political mainstays in an odd spot.

And that has some trade groups dropping out of both conventions and putting their budgets elsewhere. Last week, The Washington Post noted that two of the largest ones in DC, the International Franchise Association (IFA) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), have planned other things in order to avoid competing with the political news cycle so directly.

“Trade associations are increasingly looking at avoiding the conventions this year,” IFA Lobbyist Matt Haller told the Post. “There’s become an over-saturation of noise. You get lost in the shuffle.”

Instead of the conventions, IFA is hosting a series of roundtables in metro areas around the country, with the goal of promoting franchising. The funds that would have gone toward the convention are instead putting IFA leadership in Denver and Colorado Springs next week to promote the franchising business model. The goal of the strategy, according to Haller, is “to engage with Democrats and Republicans who may not be in Cleveland.”

NAM, meanwhile, is focusing on get-out-the-vote efforts and town hall meetings nationwide. Both major presidential candidates have policy points that the association disagrees with: Trump’s general opposition to international trade, and Clinton’s opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The strategy is a result of NAM’s belief that the policy points might be lost at the conventions.

Body Language Fluency

Poor body language can have a negative effect on the way people perceive you. But there’s plenty of opportunity to fix the problem of a poor handshake or a fidgety demeanor. The Event Manager Blog has a list of common body-language mistakes you might not even be aware you’re making.

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