Thursday Buzz: Ready Your Post-Event Survey

The ultimate list of essential post-event survey questions you must ask for feedback. Plus: Chipotle plays on your emotions to lure you back to burritos.

You work hard on pulling off events. And you want to know how well you did.

It doesn’t really matter if event planners receive positive or negative feedback from attendees. What is important is whether they learn lessons from the information garnered in the feedback.

Callie Walker at the MemberClicks blog listed vital questions to ask in a post-event survey. A majority of the suggested questions are scaled, with ratings, along with plenty of open-ended and a few closed-ended ones.

Walker suggested asking, “How likely are you to attend future events?” “How likely are you to recommend our events to a friend or colleague?” and “Do you have any other suggestions or comments to help us improve our questions?”

Take a look at the list over at MemberClicks.

Video of the Day

Tarnished by incidents of E. coli and norovirus and an exec’s recent drug-related arrest, Chipotle Mexican Grill wants to win customers back—by tugging at their heartstrings.

To do so, Chipotle released A Love Story. The animated short story is about two young entrepreneurs, who start out as mega-rivals but then fall in love and launch a restaurant chain with an approach that resembles Chipotle’s: sell healthy and fresh foods. The love story also hints at expressing love for Chipotle through its new membership rewards program. Check it out.

Other Resources for Your Day

Pokemon Go is all the rage in U.S. public spaces—and at your event. The team at Cincinnati USA’s MTG PLNR blog shared a few ideas on how to incorporate the viral game into your next meeting.

Comedian Louis CK, out of all people, is a genius at email marketing. Instead of social media, the performer successfully announced two surprise shows via email, Kim Niemi notes on CMS Wire.

There could be a day where Airbnb replaces room blocks for events. For now, fill up your room block and have a healthy Airbnb relationship for backup hosting, San Francisco Travel President and CEO Joe D’Alesandro said in a MeetingsNet interview.

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