Data Nugget: Robots Are Coming for Your Job (But Not Mine)

If robots and computers are indeed a legitimate threat to replace humans for a significant portion of American jobs in the next half-century, some people are in for a surprise.

According to Pew Research Center, about two-thirds of Americans see automation as a threat to the workforce in general, but 80 percent believe their jobs will continue to exist over that span.

Will Robots Take Over the Workforce?

Percentage of Americans who say, in the next 50 years, robots and computers will or will not do much of the work humans do today:

3 percent not sure

32 percent will not happen

65 percent will happen

Will My Job Go Away?

Percentage of Americans who say, in the next 50 years, their job will or will not continue to exist in its current form

2 percent not sure

18 percent will NOT exist

80 percent will exist

Source: Pew Research Center


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith is a senior editor for Associations Now, a former newspaper guy, and a man who is dangerous when armed with a good pun. MORE

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