Monday Buzz: Twitter Brings Brand Fun in #PromotedStickers

Twitter gives companies the opportunity to bring fun to the social network, but it likely isn’t cheap. Plus: Nostalgia is a great resource that you should use for your events.

Emojis are fun, right? We see them in text messages, on Snapchat, and now on Twitter.

The social network that made brevity a necessity has released a new feature for brands: allowing them to create their own stickers. Twitter users can then get creative and add the designs to their photos before posting them.

The feature, #Stickers, allows for companies or organizations to build graphics that Twitter users can add to their photos.

The tide is turning on social media. While it has always been a casual and personal way of communicating, even some professional news organizations and suited-up companies are using emojis or stickers to break into the fun messaging space.

“By allowing people to add our emojis directly to their photos, we’re giving fans a whole new way to engage,” PepsiCo President Brad Jakeman said in a statement. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with Pepsi stickers can really spark a conversation.”

Pepsi is the first brand to use Twitter’s promoted #Stickers option in a marketing campaign. The cola giant created a simple distinctive graphic of two Pepsi cans clinking, just one of around 50 stickers Twitter enthusiasts can choose from.

“#Stickers have been hugely popular with consumers, and we are thrilled to now include brands in that conversation, starting with Pepsi,” Twitter COO Adam Bain said in a news release. “Now, people around the world can all share their universal passion for Pepsi and make the brand come alive in a powerful new way on Twitter.”

It’s unclear what the price tag is for a promoted emoji, but it’s probably steep. Super Bowl emojis, along with other promotional social content, on Twitter reportedly cost sponsors $1 million.

Connecting With Your Audience

Events are a banner way for associations to connect with members and the public at large. Another useful tool is nostalgia. By tapping into memories, connections, and emotions, event planners can entice prospective attendees. Indeed, these heart-tugging strategies can boost membership, donations, attendance, and more.

A recent Engaging Events report by The Event Manager Blog takes a look at how to utilize strong memories and emotions. Becki Cross, managing director of Events Northern Ltd., also provides more than a dozen ways of cajoling the nostalgia out of members.

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