New Hotel Executives Group Looks to Appeal to Broader Membership

After launching the International Association of Hotel General Managers earlier this year, staff saw a surge in interest from other professionals within the industry. Seeing a growth opportunity, IAHGM took advantage and recently founded the International Association of Hotel Executives.

The International Association of Hotel General Managers have seen enough interest since its creation earlier this year to form a spinoff organization serving other industry leaders.

Launched earlier this month, the International Association of Hotel Executives (IAHE) will operate as a subsidiary of IAHGM, said CEO John Cameron, in a video announcing its founding. It will provide members with health benefits, educational opportunities, and career help.

“Not unlike the [IAHGM], a philosophy of giving is a cornerstone of our new association for hotel executives, and this is represented by our intention to provide subsidies and scholarships for members to continue to develop their capabilities and enhance their opportunities of achieving their own individual career aspirations,” Cameron said.

The idea to launch a new venture came during the creation of IAHGM, after officials saw a surge of membership interest from other professionals within the hospitality industry. Though not general managers, many of these prospective members may end up one day holding the title, so it made “real sense for us to nurture the interests of this wider industry group,” Cameron said.

IAHE leaders hope to foster careers, assist rising stars, and eventually provide networking opportunities. The staff of its Career Management Centre, for example, will offer professional assessments and advice and provide career-development plans.

“Our aim is to position [members] well to take advantage of opportunities as they occur within their desired time frames,” Cameron said.

Membership benefits also cater to the nature of the international hospitality industry. IAHE offers retirement and savings programs, as well as life and medical insurance plans, which can be used across the globe. Cameron said this will give executives ease of mind if they end up between jobs and on the other side of the world.

The move to unite international hoteliers comes as the industry is expected to see growth despite challenges like terrorism, war, cybersecurity, and competition from the “sharing economy”—think  startups like Airbnb.

To be eligible for IAHE membership, individuals must hold a leadership position in one of 13 professions related to the hospitality industry, including finance, sales and marketing, and human resources. Though IAHE has a different website from its parent organization, Cameron will oversee both groups. While separate entities, the two will share significant ties.

And that’s a good thing.

The tight connection will help IAHGM members, according to Cameron, as they soon will have ready access to a pool of talented executives and future general managers. Meanwhile, members of IAHE can hobnob with industry leaders.


Derrick Perkins

By Derrick Perkins

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