S.C. Medical Association Tackles Electronic Health Records

Because electronic health records are a major headache for doctors nationwide, one association is attempting to make the problems a little less frustrating by creating a platform that emphasizes interoperability between physicians.

Members of the South Carolina Medical Association could soon have an easier option for electronic records-keeping.

Late last month, SCMA announced that it would be rolling out a set of new analytics tools to help improve healthcare for the state’s residents. The association, which represents 6,000 doctors statewide, will rely heavily on interoperability with its new platform—making it easier for doctors to share medical information through EHR (electronic health record) systems.

The platform, which is being managed by KaMMCO Health Solutions (KHS), is expected to improve patient outcomes and remove some of the confusion and frustration around EHRs.

Gregory Tarasidis, a ear, nose, and throat specialist who helped lead the project for the association, explained to Health Data Management that making EHR platforms easier to use was an important goal of the effort.

(This is a bigger pain point than you might imagine: EHR platforms are considered incredibly burdensome for doctors at this juncture, with the American Medical Association calling out the cumbersome and paperwork-heavy nature of the systems last year.)

The association, which plans to charge doctors’ offices and hospitals to install the offerings, will admittedly have to sell the platform to its members, but Tarasidis has already been working on his sales pitch.

“A lot of doctors have been frustrated working with EHRs day-to-day, and this will allow EHRs to work at their full capabilities,” Tarasidis explained of the project’s benefits. “My day-to-day life will be better.”

He also said SCMA hopes to network with other medical societies and offer them the platform. Next steps include forming a SCMA physician-led advisory board to work with KHS to establish a statewide health information network.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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