Career Coach: Leadership Ready

Looking to slip into an executive role? Here are four ways to position your resume.

Do you feel ready to move into an executive or leadership position but are unsure about how to make that leap? Here are four tips for representing your skills to potential employers and demonstrating that you are ready to transition into management.

Highlight leadership skills you have used on the job. You may have had a team leadership role. If so, make sure that this information is prominent on your resume. Also, you may have acted as the manager in the manager’s absence. This should also be reflected on your resume because it shows that the organization trusted you to assume that responsibility, even if for a short period of time.

Focus on management skills you have used in your volunteer work. If you have done volunteer work in the community where you had a leadership role, be sure to include this on your resume. The volunteer work does not have to be in your field. For example, you may be the leader of your homeowners association. This is relevant experience that illustrates you have leadership skills, regardless of where they were used.

Shine a spotlight on relevant education. You may have recently received an MBA, for example. That type of program will typically teach you leadership skills. An executive MBA should get especially high-level placement on your resume.

Showcase recent certifications. A current certification can mean a lot to employers. Many universities offer executive management certifications, which can mean a shorter path to the C-suite. If you receive your certification from a prestigious university like Harvard, give it a prominent spot on your resume.



Cheryl Palmer

By Cheryl Palmer

Cheryl Palmer is a professional resume writer and the founder of Call to Career. MORE

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