Tuesday Buzz: Is Your Event About to Fail?

Keep an eye out for these warning signs in the run-up to your event. Also: Let's talk conference session learning models.

It’s always a bad sign when the chatter around your event begins to sound more like crickets.

That’s just one of many warning signs that the Event Manager Blog advises event planners to be alert to. Others include a drop in retention, a general sameness to the event, a poor understanding of  what an ideal attendee looks like, and a lack of vendors or sponsors.

If you see these signs or a few others lurking around your meetings, your situation is akin to the wobbly part of a Jenga game.

“If you watch carefully, you can see [your events] growing more and more unsteady, wobbling, faltering,” the blog explains. “The sooner you can recognize the signs that things are about to go from bad to worse, the better. If you recognize it early enough you can correct it.”

Learning Debate of the Day

Are your learning models outmoded? Author and consultant Adrian Segar poses the question in his latest blog post, where he touches on three types of learning models—covered, discovered, and uncovered—and weighs the strengths and weaknesses of each.

“We don’t usually think about the learning models we employ during conference sessions, and I believe our events would be better if we did,” Segar writes.

So let’s think about them. You can find Segar’s post right here.

Other Links of Note

Pokémon Go is a great example of just how valuable location services can be for apps. But before you add them to your own apps, you should be aware of a few quirks. CMS Wire contributor (and Skyhook Mobile VP of product) David Bairstow breaks them down.

Speaking of great examples of location services, check out the viral mobile website, which uses them in a clever way.

Own a Mac? Apple may try to push an OS upgrade on you. If your IT department isn’t ready, be sure to turn off automatic downloads.


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