An Expanding Focus: Yacht Group Goes From State to International

The Florida Yacht Brokers Association started as a group focused on state-level legislative advocacy. Now, however, FYBA is going global, which it says is a refection of its membership.

It’s somewhat common to hear about a national association going global. Less common, however, is a state association making the leap.

But the former Florida Yacht Brokers Association is doing just that. Last week, the association announced that it was rebranding to reflect its global impact—an impact the group’s executive director, Cindy Sailor, noted was clear when looking at FYBA’s member rolls.

“When we mapped out the FYBA membership, it reinforced what we already knew, that FYBA is truly an international organization with members operating in popular yachting areas not just in Florida but around the globe,” Sailor said in a news release. “Our new name, ‘International Yacht Brokers Association,’ better reflects who we are—the largest and most prestigious group of professional yacht and charter brokers in the world.”

The shift comes just before group’s 30th anniversary and reflects its expanding ambitions since its 1987 launch. The original association was born after a legislative effort to regulate the industry failed to pass in the prior year. In 1988, with the group’s support, regulatory efforts in Florida became law.

But since then, the association has expanded with a variety of events, certifications, and professional initiatives. Membership, likewise, has grown, with 1,350 individual members representing 400 companies.

The rebranding was timed with the 2016 edition of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, an annual event whose scale has also expanded far beyond Florida’s borders.

“Our new brand positioning will help IYBA members to command the respect from our domestic and international colleagues that they deserve,” Sailor added.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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