Monday Buzz: Giving Tuesday’s Getting Close

If you’re taking part in Giving Tuesday this year, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Also: A successful effort to tie together Leonard Cohen and event planning.

We’re nearing the home stretch on the approach to Giving Tuesday—are you ready?

If not, the case for getting on that is relatively strong. The nonprofit technology company Blackbaud anticipates double-digit growth in donations during this year’s event—taking place November 29—and the right strategy can give your nonprofit a donation boost.

If you’re in full-on prep mode, online campaign expert Kerri Karvetski has some thoughtful tips for putting the finishing touches on your campaign at Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog.

One tip she suggests right off the top: Open up your donation page now, on the off chance some folks show up early.

“If people want to give early, let them,” she writes. “Several nonprofits are inviting their donors to make their Giving Tuesday gift now – there’s no time to waste in making the world a better place!”

And in case you’re wondering about a corporate partner for next year, Triple Pundit has a list of firms working to support Giving Tuesday next week.

Waiting for the Contract

For some folks, late singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen was the very definition of acquired taste. For others, the deep baritone of his voice—which lowered in register over time—was dreamlike and defined an important storyteller.

Prevue Meetings writer Johnalee Johnston is clearly in the fan category, and in honor of the singer-songwriter, who died earlier this month at 82, she parses some of Cohen’s best-known lyrics through an unusual prism—the contract clause. If you’re a Cohen fan who also deals with event planning, it’s a must-read.

Need to communicate to your attendees what to wear to an event? Ditch the dumb twist on “dressy casual” and try out some of the Event Manager Blog’s suggestions.

Trying to get your message out the door quickly requires the ability to be nimble, but it also requires much in the way of strategy. At BuzzStream, blogger Ritika Puri breaks down a few tactics to speed up the marketing process.

YouTube user? Don’t forget your thumbnails. The Canva Design School blog breaks down the value of an impactful static frame that could draw eyeballs to your clips.


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