Best Benefit Ever: Links on the Chain

A prominent supply-chain group launches a new tool to put members in touch with potential mentors.

What is it? Last month, the supply-chain group APICS revealed that it was launching Mentor Center, designed to help foster new connections between industry professionals and those a bit wet behind the ears. Members interested in signing up can head over this way.

Why it works: The initiative, beyond helping to ease its newest members into the group, also creates a volunteer opportunity for established members. “There are many rewarding benefits to mentorship for both the mentor and mentee,” the association’s Jessica Heraty wrote last month. “Having a mentor can help you advance your career, resolve a particular professional challenge, reach a new goal and more. Being a mentor can be very fulfilling as you give back to a student, young professional or less-experienced professional who is looking to learn from your experience.”

Other benefits: APICS, which in 1957 started as the American Production and Inventory Control Society, offers a variety of perks for its different member tiers, including access to its magazine and a variety of research reports, as well as discounts on local events. Another notable benefit is the APICS Dictionary, which includes more than 4,800 industry-specific terms.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith is a former senior editor for Associations Now. MORE

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