Thursday Buzz: IFTTT Gets Ambitious

The popular automation tool wrings a few new tricks out of its business model. Also: Why you should be willing to move your conference.

One of the most popular tools for automating online actions just got a big upgrade.

IFTTT (which stands for “if this, then that”) replaced its longstanding approach to automation—which it called “recipes”—with a new strategy called “applets.” The big difference with this approach is that the tools can now do multiple things at once, rather than just one thing at a time.

“Applets can do everything that Recipes could — and much more,” the company states in a blog post. “They bring your services together, creating new experiences that you can unlock with a single switch. A house that welcomes you, an efficient workplace, an easier way to stay informed — there are thousands of experiences to choose from, or you can create your own.”

That’s a great upgrade of IFTTT’s capabilities, but as CNET notes, it comes with a catch: Only third-party partners will be allowed to make these multistep applets at first. The idea, the site reports, is that partners will work with the company and integrate their applet offerings into their products.

While IFTTT will allow “makers” to do multistep applets eventually, the developers will have to ask the company to give them access to the tools—a process that requires telling IFTTT exactly what will be done.

If you’d like to try multistep automation now, there’s always the IFTTT competitor Zapier.

Tweet of the day

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Also worth reading is this Wild Apricot blog post that offers up a series of “hacks” for boosting your event’s attendance.

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