Tuesday Buzz: What’s Next for Association Leadership in The District?

Now that the election's over, how will the association leadership landscape change in DC? Also: The challenges that voters with disabilities face at the polls.

No matter what happens as Donald Trump takes power, the shape of Washington, DC, is about to change in a big way. And associations are very much going to feel the impact of those changes.

Stephanie Tomasso, who leads the trade and professional association efforts for the executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, says that, from a leadership perspective, there’s a lot to consider about a transition period like this.

Does the definition of what makes a good association leader change as the political climate does? Maybe, maybe not. But as a result of research on DC-based executives, conducted by Russell Reynolds Associates, Tomasso argues that the next generation of association leaders might want to borrow some inspiration from the corporate sector.

“While trade association leaders must still possess public policy savvy and an ability to develop and maintain critical relationships in Washington, DC, and beyond, they must also demonstrate traditional corporate executive competencies, such as sound business acumen, proven operational expertise and, in some instances, direct or aligned industry experience,” Tomasso writes in an op-ed for The Hill.

Check out Tomasso’s full op-ed for some more association leadership insights.

Accessibility Challenges

This election day, millions of people will vote for their candidates of choice. But some voters have it easier than others. As this BuzzFeed News video featuring the National Disability Rights Network notes, voters with disabilities often face struggles trying to access their polling places. A NPR piece from last month breaks down the fight for change on this specific issue.

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