Tuesday Buzz: Win Over Busy Members

It’s not easy to get busy members to take a breath that's long enough to read what you have to say, but it’s possible. Here’s how. Also: Consider your process when building out event engagement.

How do you win over members who barely have time to relax, let alone engage?

It’s a challenge, but one that Alexandra Biddle Mouw, CAE, a senior consultant of strategic web solutions at Results Direct, fully understands. (See, she’s one of those people.)

Often, the solution to this problem comes down to messaging—messaging that understands that your users are busy and not necessarily able to respond quickly when something comes up.

“Members pay attention to your communication because it is relevant to them, important, quick and to the point, delivered in a way they appreciate,” Mouw writes in a post on LinkedIn.

Be sure to check out her full post for thoughts that just might help your targeting capabilities.

Who’s to Blame?

Finding that your meeting sessions are putting folks to sleep? If that happens, who gets the blame?

Some suggest that it’s the audience’s fault, or maybe the speaker’s—but not according to author Adrian Segar. He suggests it might be the process that’s the problem.

“In 25 years of experience, I’ve found that most people have a fundamental need and desire to connect with others with whom they share something in common,” Segar writes. “When you use good group process to safely facilitate appropriate connection, ~98% embrace the opportunity and learn, connect, and engage effectively with their peers.”

Check out his full thoughts in his latest post.

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Event planning back in the day was painful. The Event Manager Blog goes back two decades and highlights all the gory details.

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By Ernie Smith

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