3 Lessons: Aim High

For Joanne Joham, CMP, CMM—the Regional Director, North America, of the International Congress and Convention Association—accomplishment comes from hard work and supporting others.

Be a champion of others. Helping friends and colleagues excel in their own space has always been a source of great pride to me. I truly believe that a great leader takes pleasure in making others look good and helping them to succeed. I feel lucky to have friends and colleagues all over the world and am pleased when we can support each other.

Do the best you can at all times. Coming from an academic family, my brother and I were always taught to do our very best in all aspects of life: academics, music, sports, and so on. The philosophy of completing each task in the best way possible has served me well in my professional life, and it brings a great sense of accomplishment. Of course, we sometimes have disappointments, but if you try your hardest you can be confident and proud that you have done everything possible to reach the desired results.

Take time for your passion. Find a location that represents tranquility to you, make time to enjoy your personal passion, and use those special moments to help you recharge. A rustic cabin in the middle of Maine is my favorite sanctuary. I find the water, nature, and cry of the loon to be rejuvenating, and such moments give me the opportunity to revitalize my analytic skills and the strength to be successful in my hectic business life.

(John Emerson)

Associations Now Staff

By Associations Now Staff

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