Plastics Group Simplifies Name to Reflect Industry Evolution

SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association has changed its name to the Plastics Industry Association—PLASTICS, for short—to better represent its members and build stronger connections within the industry.

To reflect recent changes made to its membership, advocacy, and mission, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association has rebranded to the Plastics Industry Association, or simply PLASTICS.

The new name comes with an updated website, a new tagline that reads “Better Industry. Better World,” and a new logo with six sides to represent all membership segments in the industry’s supply chain: brand owners, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, moldmakers, processors, and recyclers.

“As the plastics industry grows and evolves, the audience expands. To continue to drive the industry forward for decades to come, we, along with our national board, made a decision to evolve our purpose-driven organization,” PLASTICS’ President and CEO William R. Carteaux said. “In the changing world of plastics, we have to stay relevant. We’re giving our members a clear way to talk about our association.”

The rebrand reflects the organization’s structural evolution from a society to an association, and it eliminates confusion about the group’s purpose and members for those outside the industry—namely, brand owners, legislators, and the general public.

This is especially helpful when the group works with legislators on Capitol Hill, where its public policy team has been unofficially referring to its community as the plastics industry for some time. The new name helps staff and members alike more quickly and easily identify themselves with their industry.

“’Plastics Industry Association’ leaves little room for confusion and also better aligns with our work on the Hill,” Carteaux said. “We’re not a society. We’re not an acronym. We are an association that helps to create possibilities and shape the future of our industry.”

Being more clearly identified with the industry will better connect the organization especially with brand owners—a new membership segment who are not immediately associated with the industry— as well as attract new brand owner members. In addition, Carteaux hopes the new name will “draw a stronger connection for consumers and exhibitors” between PLASTICS and its tradeshow, NPE.

The rebrand will also better incorporate PLASTICS’ expanded mission, which now includes sustainability, and another new membership segment, recyclers. Specifically, the association has been working with members and businesses to increase plastics recycling and has introduced a Zero Net Waste program to help manufacturers reduce landfill waste. Including the entire supply chain in the organization’s focus will help carry this sustainability mission to all facets of the industry.

“Our member-driven organization will continue to help the industry grow while promoting new technology through our tradeshows and conferences,” PLASTICS’ Board of Directors Chair Jim Murphy said in a press release. “At the same time, we’re going to work to evolve the way people think about plastics.”


Alex Beall

By Alex Beall

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