Wednesday Buzz: Reframe Your Thinking About Resources

When the resources at your disposal seem a little low, think in terms of what you do have, not what you don't. Also: why it’s important to instill a sense of mission in your new employees.

“Making decisions from a place of lack will keep you stuck in the status quo. Instead, reframe your concerns from a place of abundance.”

The nonprofit blog Twenty Hats suggests that if resources at your nonprofit are feeling a little strained, it might help to reframe your thinking.

The website’s Elisa Kosarin offers suggestions for how to get past “scarcity thinking,” particularly about your volunteers. If you always focus on your limitations—on your time, your budget, or your volunteer resources—you’re more likely to work to preserve what you have rather than push for the smart investments your organization needs.

“When we value our time, our well-being, and our judgment, we do a better job of making the case to spend or invest in anything important to our work,” she writes. “Climbing out of scarcity has more to do with our outlook than it does with our program’s wallet.”

Inspire Your New Employees

Onboarding a new employee? The MemberClicks blog breaks down the importance of instilling a sense of mission in your new hire.

“See, when employees don’t know how to do their job or what they’re working towards to begin with, they get frustrated and contemplate leaving,” they write. Check out the post for more thoughts.

The problem of fake news may meet its match in the form of machine learning. The Verge reports that Facebook has patented a new tool that appears well suited for stopping the spread of misleading information.

Trying to get volunteers involved in your social media outreach? It’s all about coordination. At Frank J. Kenny’s blog, Christina Green offers some tips for building such coordinated efforts.

Need a little motivation going into 2017? This post from Metal Treating Institute CEO Tom Morrison might do the trick.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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