Tuesday Buzz: Plan Your Vacation Today

You could use a break. In honor of National Plan for Vacation Day, use today to plan your vacation time for the rest of the year. Also: What alumni associations can learn from other membership organizations.

What’s the hardest part of taking a vacation? Planning for it. We all dream about relaxing by the beach, but unfortunately we lack the teleportation powers to beam us directly to our fantasy paradise. And in a busy career, it can be difficult to suss out the best time during the year for a getaway.

Today is National Plan for Vacation Day, 24 hours devoted to declaring your vacation time for the rest of the year. Americans leave 658 million days unused each year, so take today to plan a trip.

Planning ahead increases the chances that you’ll actually take your days. According to Project: Time Off, the U.S. Travel Association-supported creator of the holiday, “69 percent of planners took a week or more of vacation at a time, where just 46 percent of nonplanners did.”

Project: Time Off delivers a step-by-step guide for planning ahead. First, start with a comprehensive knowledge of your benefits.

Second, take a hard look at your calendar to determine a good time to get away. “If your office is closed for a holiday, could you add an extra day off and turn a one-day holiday into a four-day weekend vacation?” it asks.

Next step? Dream big! Think about travel destinations you’d like to cross off your bucket list.

See more helpful advice and check out Project: Time Off’s handy planning toolkit here.

Alumni Association Tips

Alumni associations may have a lot to learn from other professional associations.

Sarah Bender, an engagement specialist at Tassl, provides a few insights that alumni associations can use as they strategize for the rest of the year.

Don’t be overly dependent on social media because of their “pay-to-play” models and ever-changing algorithms. “While business organizations adjust their marketing strategy accordingly, it’s also more clear than ever that alumni networks need a new home,” says Bender. “Start diversifying the channels you use to engage with alumni and investing in tools that allow you to connect with them directly.”

Also, alumni groups shouldn’t be discouraged by busy members. “Find small, sustainable engagements that even your busiest members can take,” writes Bender. “Make these easily accessible and reward those who choose to participate.”

Check out Bender’s article for more tips.

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